How is Your Club Board Performing So Far?

How is Your Club Board Performing So Far?

Article by Warren Tapp

1.Review Performance Regularly

An effective Club Board will always review its own performance regularly to see if it can improve how it operates. The members deserve this as the governing body for their Club and it is best practice for all Boards or Committees.

2. Ways to Do a Review

There are various ways you can do such a review:

At the end of each meeting the Chair can lead a discussion on how the meeting went and what could have been done better. Some Boards send out a simple survey to all Board members to complete the next day that rates a range of issues about the meeting and the Board generally and how it is performing.

Once a year the Board can conduct its own internal performance review. This may involve the Chair having a meeting with each Director to discuss their contribution in the last year and perhaps suggest any professional development they could do at the Club expense. Of course, each Director should be invited to also comment on the performance of the Chair in return as that is important too. This internal process should include written feedback from the CEO or Company Secretary (if you have one) on the Board performance to get a 360 degree view. You could also ask each Director to complete a questionnaire and send to the Chair to collate and summarise and report back to the Board with recommended action to make improvements.

3. Review by External Consultant

We recommend every 2 years that a Club Board conduct a review facilitated by an external consultant who specialises in such Board reviews. They will use processes that result in an honest and objective view of the Boards performance and what it needs to do to improve, and even help with such actions. Usually, the benefits of such external consultants outweigh the benefits of a much better Board and how it governs you Club.

Assisting you with your Board

Whichever method you choose, Geoff and Warren at are able to assist your Club Board to conduct a Board Performance Review and see big differences in how your Board is performing on behalf of you members.

Who Needs Club Governance Training?

In our opinion every club and Association across Australia need Club Governance Training.

Governing a Club, Charity or any Not-for-profit is a big responsibility, and it cannot be done by well-meaning volunteers who do not understand their role.

Club Governance Training will;

  1. Board Members will know their responsibilities.
  2. You’ll have more productive Board Meetings.
  3. Help improve your Club’s growth and sustainability.
  4. Your Club will be more legally compliant.

Club Governance has developed an online training program for all Board and Committee members to ensure they know how to do their job.

It is available in 15 modules of about 15 minutes each and covers all the necessary knowledge they must have, based on our 30+ years of assisting organisations like yours around Australia.