Club Cyber Security Risk: Do You Have a Program?

Club Cyber Security Risk is a Big Worry for Directors.

Article by Warren Tapp

Surveys have found that the biggest worry today for Directors of public companies in Australia is cyber security.

That is the risk that someone could hack into your databases of your staff or club members’ details or your financial records and use that information against your club. Some hackers will try to hold your club to ransom to pay them large sums of money to stop releasing it elsewhere, while others will contact your members with scams or other illegal actions. You will have seen recent cases of well- known public companies having this happen and the subsequent cost, including class actions from their members against the Directors.

Has your Club Board even discussed cyber security let alone developed a policy and protection program for all your data?

There are templates for such policies to adapt for your club and many courses available on setting up cyber-security protections that all the staff can follow. At least talk about it at your next Board meeting and don’t assume it could not happen to your club.

The privacy of your staff and member records and financial records is essential in a world where hacking now happens hundreds of times a day in Australia.

There is training on risk management in our online learning platform at to assist you and your Board.

Who Needs Club Governance Training?

In our opinion every club and Association across Australia need Club Governance Training.

Governing a Club, Charity or any Not-for-profit is a big responsibility, and it cannot be done by well-meaning volunteers who do not understand their role.

Club Governance Training will;

  1. Board Members will know their responsibilities.
  2. You’ll have more productive Board Meetings.
  3. Help improve your Club’s growth and sustainability.
  4. Your Club will be more legally compliant.

Club Governance has developed an online training program for all Board and Committee members to ensure they know how to do their job.

It is available in 15 modules of about 15 minutes each and covers all the necessary knowledge they must have, based on our 30+ years of assisting organisations like yours around Australia.