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Company vs Incorporated Association

Not-for-profits all over Qld and indeed Australia are often faced with the question as to whether the entity should be a company limited by guarantee or an incorporated association. The best entity for your organisation can’t be answered with any degree of certainty.

How is Your Club Board Performing

An effective Club Board will always review its own performance regularly to see if it can improve how it operates. The members deserve this as the governing body for their Club and it is best practice for all Boards or Committees.

Beware of Removing Affiliate Members

There has been an interesting law case recently with implications for State governing bodies of any sport and their clubs. You may want to read the case and understand how it may impact on you.

8 Constitutional Must Haves

We’ve read and drafted many constitutions over the years but here are the features that every not-for-profit might consider:

1. Size of the Board: We still see governance bodies (board ad management committees) that extend to as many as 13 positions.